Is there life after abortion?

Is an aborted baby dead forever? No, because God has the power to restore life to the dead, Matthew 27:51-53. He can also create new bodies for us, 1 Corinthians 15:42-44. He not has only the power to create us, he can also re-create us. He can, therefore, bring an aborted baby back to life.

God also made provision through his Son’s death for every human being to get a shot at joining him in his eternal family, 1 Timothy 2:3-4, and since we’re classed as human beings the instant we are conceived, Psalm 139:13-16, that includes aborted babies. A life aborted, therefore, is not lost forever.

God is also incredibly merciful toward our casual and destructive ways, Romans 9:22-25. A mother who’s had an abortion, therefore, even for casual reasons, is not lost forever either.

We also know that Jesus didn’t come to call the righteous to repentance, he came for sinners, Luke 5:30-32, to people whose lives have been shattered by circumstance and weakness, Luke 4:18-19. He didn’t come to condemn, he came to heal and restore, John 3:17. Would Jesus condemn a girl who gets pregnant with an unwanted baby and out of desperation has that baby aborted? No. His answer would be: “I don’t condemn you, but don’t do it again,” John 8:11. He doesn’t condone human frailty, but nor does he condemn it. His approach with people who’d messed up their lives was to give them a chance to repent and change, and start again.

Does that excuse away abortion? Of course not. How can the deliberate taking of a human life with all its incredible potential stretching out into eternity, be excusable? God never gives us excuse to be casual, Romans 6:1-2. It’s his desire and plan to help us put our messed up lives behind us, Romans 2:4, and start out on new lives where things can be different, Acts 3:19, 26. Abortion, therefore, is forgivable, but it certainly isn’t excusable.

And in among the mothers who abort their babies are those who deeply regret what they’ve done, who now need reassurance that all is not lost. Jesus offers that reassurance. He may not remove all the consequences of an abortion, either physically or emotionally, but he offers understanding, compassion and the chance for a mother to start afresh, free of fear and guilt.

Is there life after abortion? Yes, for both the mother and her aborted baby, because of God’s incredible mercy. Can a mother get on with her life, knowing she’s loved by God no matter what she’s done, and value any baby she might have in future like Jesus values her? That’s only a question she can answer, but that is the chance she’s been given.