More fool you

“Tis April Fool’s Day, the day when the wool is pulled over people’s eyes to make them think something is true when it isn’t; and what a laugh when someone is gullible enough to believe it. Like newspapers, for instance, that conjure up headlines to fool people into thinking something outlandishly and obviously fake is true, and if it works they can gloat in their cleverness and say, “More fool you” (from Shakespeare’s The taming of the shrew).

How strange, though, that it’s become fun to fool people into believing wrong things are true. It made me think of the cacklings in the evil spirit world when they see one of their clever little deceptions captivate Christians, where Christians are led to believe what they’re doing or practicing is Christian, when it has nothing to do with true Christianity at all.

I imagine it goes viral in the evil spirit world, for instance, like a gigantically successful April Fool’s joke, when Christians believe they can foretell the future. What a laugh it must be when Christians get all animated and distracted by physical phenomena like blood moons as omens of events about to unfold, or get all excited about people suddenly disappearing and leaving all their clothes behind in a rapture, or about predicting exact dates when the world will end. “More fool you” the spirits must cry, when the date or the omen passes without incident, and the rapture refuses to happen.

And more fool you they must cry when Christian churches get all pompous about their own denominational version of Christianity being better than everyone else’s, causing all sorts of rifts and splits and divisions in Christianity that destroy its credibility and attractiveness to outsiders.

And then the ultimate April’s Fool’s joke, the one the evil spirit world must delight in the most, when out of the blue a child in a Christian church has a vision and everybody assumes it’s from God, or people start gabbling nonsense and call it speaking in tongues, or at the touch of some wannabe apostle people fall over backwards and do all sorts of embarrassingly un-Christian things and call it manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

And more fool you they must cry when the same old deceptions are used over and over again and the usual crop of Christians fall head over heels for them, believing they’ve been given some special insight, or a new revelation, or a secret code or language that only they can understand.

Perhaps we should add April Fool’s day to the Christian calendar as well, then, as a yearly reminder of how easily we Christians can be fooled too.