Is it “inclusive” – or is it “indulging”?

So what would you say to a Christian pastor who says we Christians should not only welcome people to church who identify as transgender, we should celebrate their gender identity and expression as well? He wasn’t stopping with just being “inclusive” in other words, he was going one step further into “indulging” too, by wanting his church to celebrate gender variance.

The inclusive part I had no trouble with, because Jesus made the marginalized in his world feel very welcome. But I don’t see him indulging the marginalized by creating safe places for them in the synagogues to enable them to continue in and celebrate what had marginalized them in the first place. Jesus did not invite lepers to join him, or create churches for them, so they could celebrate their leprosy. Instead, he healed them, so that they wouldn’t be marginalized by their leprosy any longer.

Compassion for all and healing were Jesus’ solutions to the ills that marginalized people, so why should his solution be any different today? Or did he change his spots at some point along the way and he’s now telling the church that the solution to people being marginalized is “celebrating their diversity”?

On the other hand, why not celebrate, when we know Jesus loves the transgender community as much as anyone else, and given the chance he’ll remove the baggage that got them being marginalized in the first place? They can, therefore, become remarkable examples of what Jesus came for. And that really would be something to celebrate.

Society, however, demands that we indulge the transgender community by treating gender variance as just another “normal” part of a diverse society, so that people can continue being who they identify themselves as, and that way no one is marginalized. For some of us that will be tough, though, because a large part of Jesus’ ministry was devoted to healing, and the reason for that was “this present evil age” in which people “exchange the truth of God for a lie,” one obvious proof of which is society’s blatant deviation from what God created male and female for.

It doesn’t stop us being inclusive as far as God accepting people – including those who’ve deviated far from his normal – but it does stop us indulging them. Peter pleaded with his audience in Acts 2:40, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation,” not indulge it. And God sent Jesus “to bless us by turning each of us away from our wicked ways” (3:26).

Jesus came to heal people from the damage evil had done to them, and he was utterly inclusive and indulging in that, refusing no one who turned to him for healing.


The Gender Revolution – self-inflicted genocide?

While researching gender identity – and why it’s so important to people to act according to the gender they feel they are – I came across the startling statement, “We are self-loving ourselves into extinction.”

I thought, “That’s a bit extreme, isn’t it?” but after scanning the Internet from every point of view I could find on this latest craze for self-identity, I came up with an even stronger conclusion: that we’re into self-inflicted genocide.

Because if it really catches on that there’s no such thing as fixed genders or separate sexes and we’re all really on a huge spectrum of gender identity that has no purpose other than being true to who we believe ourselves to be, how will that bring male and female together in the future to want to produce a family and children?

If we’re simply on a narcissistic craving for self-expression and affirmation, and that’s our primary goal and purpose in life as humans, then we’re not likely to even want families and children, are we? I mean, who wants a family and children when there’s all that love and sacrifice involved, and having to ditch one’s own ambitions and dreams and even hobbies to provide the finances, time and selfless attention that a husband, wife and children so desperately need to flourish and feel fulfilled? What an annoying interference all that stuff is with my own happiness, and an affront to my right to be who I am and do what I want.

But if by law and punishment we’re all intimidated into going along with this sweeping wave of entitled self-love, will people even dare to have a normal family and call themselves “husbands, wives, Dads and Moms,” or dare to be seen encouraging a daughter to be a lovely woman, or dare enjoy seeing a son growing up to be a strong, masculine man? Will they be so afraid of being vilified, bullied and scoffed at, or being driven into seclusion or jail and having their children taken from them, that they decide it’s not worth the risk trying to have a “normal family”?

In which case, how will children be produced, and by whom? And if children somehow are produced, will they in turn dare risk wanting to be male and female and having their own families of male and female children? Not likely when the self-identity police will jump on any infractions to their agenda of a sexless, genderless society. If this really catches on, then, and enforcing self-love by law becomes the norm, I fear that person may be right that “we’re self-loving ourselves into extinction,” and we’re bent on self-inflicted genocide.

Gender roles: Bible construct, or social construct?

It’s the in thing nowadays to say that gender roles are simply a “social construct,” meaning “an idea created and accepted by people.” In other words, gender roles are nothing more than an idea we came up with that ebbs and flows with the tide of culture. Gender roles can change, therefore, according to the prevailing influences of the loudest people.

And the loudest people in our culture at present are demanding the demolition of traditional gender roles in favour of no gender roles at all, because gender itself, they say, is also a social construct, an idea created by people. So, if there’s no such thing as male and female, then it naturally follows there’s no such thing as male and female roles either.

This open revolt against gender and gender roles isn’t surprising, though, when you view the historical mess we’ve made of being male and female. For centuries males have made it obvious to females that women only exist to serve men, because women are inferior to men. Under the influence of that “social construct,” fed and fuelled by oafish men, women have been oppressed by men, kept “barefoot and pregnant,” paid lesser wages for the same work, and made to think their only value is in looking cute and sexy. And amazingly, this has been socially acceptable.

It’s not surprising, then, that women are protesting vehemently that they’ve had enough of this nonsense and they want to be treated as equals. And no wonder too, that more women want to transgender to men, because men so obviously get the better deal.

The human solution to this mess is to enforce equality by law and punishment, or, better still, obliterate gender and gender roles all together. But that, of course, doesn’t go down well with those who like gender roles, and especially those who believe gender roles were created by God. To them, gender and gender roles are a Bible construct, not a social construct.

But the Bible also makes it clear that one of the devastating punishments God inflicted on rebellious humanity was the messing up of our gender roles. Genesis 3:16 says men would rule over women, and women would let them, which is exactly what has happened throughout our human history.

So our present confusion over gender roles isn’t the result of ideas created by people, it’s the result of rebellion against God. And while that rebellion continues, so does the confusion. At what point, then, do we go back to Genesis chapters 1 and 2 to see what God created males and females for in the first place, and to see how we can recapture that instead?

The serpent never gives up

In Genesis the serpent was interested in just one thing: killing off humans. Humans would die, God said, if they ate the fruit off the wrong tree. All the serpent had to do, then, was get them to eat the fruit. And it was so easy. All it took to get them to eat it was a clever sounding argument. Result? All human lives from that point on ended in death. Lights out. Job done. Game over.

Jesus, fortunately, dealt with that disaster by resisting the serpent and dying a human death, denying the serpent the chance to ever kill off humanity again. But the serpent hasn’t give up trying. It still believes it can kill off humans, this time by self-inflicted genocide. Get humans to kill themselves.

And the serpent’s found a way of doing it too, by aiming at children. Get children to believe they’re the wrong gender or no gender at all so they grow into adults who aren’t able to reproduce, or don’t want to. And there you have it; self-inflicted genocide. The death of humanity.

It’s a far-fetched idea, yes, but why not give it a try, especially when humans have already proved themselves to be stupid and gullible? All it takes is a clever sounding argument and humans suck it up like sponges. So how about getting children to believe they’re born in the wrong bodies, and that how they truly identify as humans is by feelings, not biology?

It’s ridiculous, of course, but highly appealing to anyone who thinks God didn’t have a clue when he said humans were made male and female. So children are encouraged to be the gender they feel themselves to be, but it means taking hormones that make them sterile. And adults who know better go along with it, as the serpent already knew, having seen it all before. All it takes is a clever sounding argument that does away with what God says, and there you have it, humans willingly killing off their ability to reproduce. In other words, self-inflicted genocide.

It’s nothing new, of course. As humans we’ve tried very hard to kill ourselves off in other ways too, like world wars, legalized abortion, and wrecking everything on the planet that supports life. Nothing can or will destroy life, however, because Jesus made sure of it by dying the death we were so bent on bringing on ourselves, and he’s now alive and in total control. But he still allows the serpent to have a go at us, for nothing more than demonstrating over and over again how helpless and stupid we become when we ignore and resist God.

“I can’t help it, I was born this way”

One of the saddest signs I’ve seen was one being carried by a marcher in a local Pride parade that stated, “Born this way,” suggesting it was inevitable that he would be homosexual, or whatever other sex or gender he identifies as.

It’s sad because the man believes he had no choice. He is convinced that his brain was wired since birth to make him what he is, and his future, therefore, was fixed from the start. In reality, therefore, he has reduced his life to little more than a programmed robot that can only do what it was wired to do.

One has to wonder, then, if it’s just as inevitable that a person will become a pedophile, or a serial killer, or an alcoholic. Or that a person should never marry because he was born to abuse women. Or maybe a person shouldn’t be alive at all, because he was born to be depressed and suicidal, or destined to life in a mental institution.

If that’s true, though, that no influence of family, culture or religion, or even God, can steer you away from what you were wired to be from birth, then what happens if you’d rather not be what you were born to be? What if you hate the idea that you’re stuck for life with whatever internal conflicts or marginalization by others your birth wiring creates, and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it?

Society’s solution to that is to get everyone to “celebrate diversity” and accept whatever wiring we humans are born with as special and unique. But that faces huge resistance from those who see much of what is considered “special and unique” as a cover-up for several disruptive mental disorders. It also faces strong resistance from those who cannot and will not accept that we are stuck from birth to be a certain way.

On the other hand, after centuries of people making wrong choices that conflict with what God said he created us for, perhaps it’s true after all that people are being born with different wiring in their brains.

The good news God broadcast through Jesus, however, is that he’s more than willing to heal whatever damage our ignorance of him and our resistance to him has created. He doesn’t back off the fact that we’ve really messed up the wiring in our heads, but he also made it clear through Jesus that he’d love to straighten out our messed up wiring – if that’s what we would like too.

So even if it’s true that we’re born a certain way, God says we’re not stuck with it.

Does gender in humans really matter?

Obviously to God gender really matters because he made humans male and female. That was his design and for a clear purpose too, that rulership of this planet by humans was best done by what both male and female humans brought to the table with their gender differences and their sexual relationship.

We learn what God is like through male and female humans too, because both genders were made in God’s image. God is both male and female, in other words, which surely makes us want to know what we’re made of as males and females to get a clearer picture of God. It was also God’s intent through making humans male and female, with fixed and unchangeable sexual differences, that humans could reproduce more humans.

It’s also rather startling to realize that God made humans male and female to keep evil at bay too. We see that in Genesis 2 where God first of all creates and trains a man in the fundamentals of rulership, and then creates a woman to be his “helper.” Anyone looking into the Hebrew meaning of “helper” or “help meet” soon realizes that the woman is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and without her the man would never be able to fulfill his role. But together, when man and woman both understand and love what God put into them as males and females, they become almost scary in the power they exude.

The greatest tragedy that ever happened on this planet, therefore, was the first man and woman not cottoning on to what God had put into them as males and females, in both their maleness and their femaleness, and in their sexual relationship. If they’d understood and valued what God had set up through them as male and female they would have sent the serpent packing, and we would not have the mess we’ve got now. Because in God making a male and a female the way he did, and bonding them through their sexual relationship, he formed the perfect guardians of his plan.

It is God’s plan to fill the Earth with everything that he is, starting with a small plot in Eden where he took up residence and trained a man to care for it. But “care” not only meant care for it physically, it also meant guard it from anything evil getting in. That was the man’s job, but he couldn’t do it alone. He needed the help of a woman, but a woman of such power and strength that together they would be unbeatable. If only, then, they’d both grasped that. And the same goes for men and women today too.