If only men realized…

World Wars 1 and 2 revealed that men do a lousy job of ruling the world. They get all uppity and volatile when issues between nations become unsolvable, and off they rush to the gun cabinet. But that’s men for you: They love the call to war, and the chance to pound the opposition into submission. And one so admired as Winston Churchill admitted it too. In a letter to David Lloyd George’s daughter in 1916, he wrote: “I love this war. I know it’s smashing and shattering the lives of thousands every moment, and yet, I can’t help it, I enjoy every second of it.”

If only Churchill and others like him realized that God created women too, and the reason God created women was for men and women to rule the world together. God even warned everybody ahead of time that men wouldn’t do a very good job of ruling the world on their own, but not to worry because God provided men with a helper of equal stature and ability to work alongside them so that his creation would flourish under the rulership of men and women together.

An absorbing read of what women did in Britain during World War 2 confirms God’s genius. While the men were sent to kill and maim each other by power-hungry dictators (all of whom, unsurprisingly, were men), the women cheerfully banded together to fill in for all the duties their menfolk had to leave behind in the headlong rush to fight off evil. It was together, therefore, that men and women kept Britain alive. The men fought, but fighting alone didn’t win the war. It also took the amazing sacrifice, service and practical help by the massive army of women back home as well.

It proved God’s point that men and women together are a potent team. It’s a pity it had to be war that proved God’s genius, because so many men and women had to die, but because of war, and especially World War 2, we have convincing historical evidence that women are as vital as men in keeping this world functioning.

And fortunately, the evidence was so convincing that many men did cotton on that women were their equals, and they happily supported women in the workforce, and encouraged their wives to develop their talents. And several generations of children since the War have benefitted from that. In homes where Mom is loved, appreciated and deeply respected by Dad as a vital equal, there is no war. Everyone gets along together. The family experiences peace.

It makes you wonder, then, if war would even happen if men and women ruled the world together.