The serpent never gives up

In Genesis the serpent was interested in just one thing: killing off humans. Humans would die, God said, if they ate the fruit off the wrong tree. All the serpent had to do, then, was get them to eat the fruit. And it was so easy. All it took to get them to eat it was a clever sounding argument. Result? All human lives from that point on ended in death. Lights out. Job done. Game over.

Jesus, fortunately, dealt with that disaster by resisting the serpent and dying a human death, denying the serpent the chance to ever kill off humanity again. But the serpent hasn’t give up trying. It still believes it can kill off humans, this time by self-inflicted genocide. Get humans to kill themselves.

And the serpent’s found a way of doing it too, by aiming at children. Get children to believe they’re the wrong gender or no gender at all so they grow into adults who aren’t able to reproduce, or don’t want to. And there you have it; self-inflicted genocide. The death of humanity.

It’s a far-fetched idea, yes, but why not give it a try, especially when humans have already proved themselves to be stupid and gullible? All it takes is a clever sounding argument and humans suck it up like sponges. So how about getting children to believe they’re born in the wrong bodies, and that how they truly identify as humans is by feelings, not biology?

It’s ridiculous, of course, but highly appealing to anyone who thinks God didn’t have a clue when he said humans were made male and female. So children are encouraged to be the gender they feel themselves to be, but it means taking hormones that make them sterile. And adults who know better go along with it, as the serpent already knew, having seen it all before. All it takes is a clever sounding argument that does away with what God says, and there you have it, humans willingly killing off their ability to reproduce. In other words, self-inflicted genocide.

It’s nothing new, of course. As humans we’ve tried very hard to kill ourselves off in other ways too, like world wars, legalized abortion, and wrecking everything on the planet that supports life. Nothing can or will destroy life, however, because Jesus made sure of it by dying the death we were so bent on bringing on ourselves, and he’s now alive and in total control. But he still allows the serpent to have a go at us, for nothing more than demonstrating over and over again how helpless and stupid we become when we ignore and resist God.


Who is really the master of our destiny?

Children are constantly being told by famous people visiting their schools, that “You can be whatever you want to be.” All you have to to do, kids, is “follow your dream,” or “follow your heart,” and the world is your oyster; you are masters of your destiny.

Children are being bombarded with this same message in an endless stream of Disney movies too, especially tailored to girls. If you never give up on your dream, girls, gushes the movie, one day you’ll be a princess too. Follow your dreams, children, and they will come true.

IS it true, though, that every child who puts his mind to his dreams will make them happen? No; it’s a lie – the same lie, unfortunately, that the serpent told to Adam and Eve. The serpent preached the same “secret” too, that Adam and Eve had the power within themselves to be whatever they wanted to be. And to human ears it had huge appeal, having this secret “wisdom” that would make them masters of their destiny.

It was a total lie, of course, becauseĀ Adam and Eve had a horrible life of tragedy and hardship, and little control over it too, and the world they lived in was torn apart by power-hungry dictators. It got so bad that even God was in despair, enough to want to destroy humans all together. And here we are today, still being offered the same fruit, still hearing the same lie, still believing it, and still having to watch the dreams of millions of boys and girls being destroyed by tragedy and hardship. It is simply not true, therefore – proven by the simple facts of real life in this world – that all children can fulfill their dreams if they just follow their hearts. Some might succeed, but most won’t.

It is a fool who believes he has the power within himself to be a master of his destiny. And yet TV is full of talk shows, and bookstores are filled with books and magazines, all preaching the lie at full throttle that success, self-improvement and fulfilled lives – all the things we dream of – are totally possible by our own human effort, because, we are told, “it’s within us to make our dreams happen.”

Paul had to watch Christians believing the same lie too, that they had the ability within them to even become spiritually what they wanted to be. It stirred Paul to ask them a question inĀ Galatians 3:5: “Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you because you observe the law?” Who is really the master of our destiny, in other words, ourselves, or God?