What if – God really did create us?

Whether God created us or not, here we are, billions of us, some of whom can’t help wondering if God had something to do with it, because the alternative provided by the likes of Charles Darwin isn’t very exciting. 

The poor chap had a very limited imagination. Picture a bunch of kids in a classroom hearing Darwin’s idea that we all came from “a warm little pond with all sorts of… (chemicals, in which) …a protein was chemically formed.” Yawn, yawn.

Oh boy, our poor kids; how we’ve limited their imaginations. Here they are, born with an insatiable curiosity for learning, and imaginations just waiting to be ignited, and they get stuck with Darwin, whose curiosity and imagination could only come up with pond scum as the source of all that we see around us. 

But tell the kids about UY Scuti, a star so big that if they drove a car round it just once at a steady 100 kph (60 mph) they’d be driving for 8,517 years, and then tell them a superpower simply spoke UY Scuti into existence, like a magician producing a wriggling white rabbit from an empty black hat, and have a magician do just that in front of the kids to illustrate the possibility of such a power in existence, and what kid’s imagination wouldn’t be stirred? I wish someone had done that for me in school, compared to the boredom I had to endure in class instead.

No wonder kids have little interest in God. It’s because we’ve stifled their imagination. Bring God into the picture and ask the question, “What if God really did create us?“ – and what possibilities does that open up in their heads instead? What if such a superpower really does exist? Because if it does, why on earth did it create the likes of us? What was it thinking? 

Well, kids, we can find out, according to one fascinating source, which says we can actually seek out this superpower and find him, because he’s easily findable. And discover in the process that he was the one who created us, and why. Is that something they’d like to know, therefore, or would they rather just stick to getting through school to get a career to make money? Their choice. But know that others before them were willing to take that journey into the unknown and came back with amazing stories to tell.  

They tell of a power that clearly knew everything about them, because in their search for such a power it was obvious they were being led. In other words, the superpower was responding. Imagine that. It’s like people who buy all sorts of equipment to send messages out into the universe to see if other life exists, and one day they suddenly receive a message back that clearly indicates “Message received, what would you like to know?” 

Well, what I’d like to know is what I’m here for when I’m only conscious for a few years and then I’m dead. We’ve got these amazing bodies and searching minds, but at most we’ve got maybe fifty good years in us to figure things out, so please, capture my imagination as to what I’m a human for so I can, if only briefly for now, experience it. 

And those who ask for such tell of places they had no idea existed. They were lifted into dimensions that revealed a world dedicated to making the absolute most of we humans have got. Our talents are stretched, our stamina strengthened, our courage immensely increased, ouir personalities changed into something that could even be called attractive, and if not attractive, certainly trustworthy and reliable. 

We’re being made into something amazing, in other words, that makes things and people flourish wherever we go. Given the chance to live forever we would be powerhouses of love, joy and peace, and think what would happen to the planet in the care of such people.  

Well, I’d love to see what would happen to our planet in the care of such people, because that’s what the superpower made us for, to enable this planet to flourish in the care of us humans, and to bring to life and beauty all that is tucked away in it.  

It would be nice to have a taste of it now, though, so I know what the Bible says about us is true, that we are loved, cherished, stretched, expanded, transformed, and trained professionally by the great God himself to equip us with the nature and the skills we need to make life forever something for all of us to really get excited about.  

So “What if God really did create us?” But that’s the point, “What if?” Because if he did create us, then I’ve got 1,156 pages in a book he had written that tell my why he created me and how I can experience it to prove it’s true. I can go the pond scum route instead, but when I see what it’s done to the imagination of children and the awful mess this world has become, I weep.  

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