What if – male and female are only what God designed humans to be?

It was sad to read from a parent how confusing this “gender Issue” has become. Are there really more than two genders, she wonders, or maybe no genders at all? And can children really feel trapped in the body they were born with, and never be able to live a normal life unless they inhabit a different body, a different gender, or switch between two or more genders, or become genderless? 

And what if a cross dresser of uncertain gender in both looks and manner is invited to their children’s school to read books that encourage kids to question their gender and sexual identity? And what if your child then comes home demanding to become a different gender and wants surgery to make it happen? And is gender determined by feelings or biology? 

No wonder parents are confused, and worried too, that they could have their children removed from the family home if they as parents disagree with what’s being taught to their children and resist it. 

But why all this fuss and uproar about gender? It wouldn’t have anything to do with those in the past who hated being restricted by what God created, and wished to seek alternatives, would it? I ask that, because a little research soon uncovers such individuals by name, whose experiments with children and their own personal choice of lifestyle were accepted by society and promoted by school policy makers. We know the history, in other words.

But despite the enormous pressure to go along with what the policy makers have promoted, most boys like being boys and most girls like being girls, and they like being married to, and having sex with, the opposite sex. What the Bible says God originally created, therefore, is still the preferred norm.   

But did God Intend only male and female in humans, and if so, why?  

Well, wouldn’t it be great if there really is a God who loves us so much he wants billions of us, and he designed a way of guaranteeing his billions by making the means of reproducing us through male and female so pleasurable? 

Not according to Charles Darwin, however, who in 1862 wrote: “We do not even in the least know the final cause of sexuality; why new beings should be produced by the union of the two sexual elements. The whole subject is as yet hidden in darkness.” 

Well, it’s not “hidden in darkness” in the Bible. Scripture gives a clear reason for “the cause of sexuality,” and why “new beings” are produced by sex. It’s because God wants the Earth filled with human offspring created by males and females who are infatuated with each other and love having sex so much they can’t stop producing children. And that’s because every child has the image of God imprinted on his or her genes, so that through those children God’s wisdom and incredible creativity would make this planet a showroom for his genius.

It would also show what love produces. In males loving females and females loving males, that in turn creates loving children, it reveals the great secret of what has made life so eternally fulfilling for God too. Love really is what makes the world go round, for God and humans, but how would we have known that without it being so obviously visible in the love between male and female? 

And to make it visible, we males and females have lovable qualities that make us irresistible to each other. And isn’t it great knowing that, because all you have to do as male and female is be male and female and know that someone out there will find you irresistible and want to live with you and love you for life? 

Some might say they can find that with members of their own sex, which is sad because it ignores the other obvious fact, that males need females and females need males. Each has qualities that the other needs, or lacks. And for humans to successfully caretake this planet and produce children who can spread that care to the planet, both male and female qualities are needed. 

Corporations, charities, churches and governments have all discovered that when you have a balance of men and women working together “they can,” according to one article among many I read, “produce exceptional results in the workplace and even more importantly, they wind up doing the same for their personal lives and therefore for the world in general. Women benefit from working with men, and men benefit from working with women. It is symbiotic.”

The symbiosis of men and women is a fact of life, proven by experience in the real world that what God created works best. And in our billions we’ve been given the chance to discover that and prove it for ourselves. 

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