Is there really going to be a “Great Reset”? 

So the latest catch phrase for solving all the world’s problems and recovering from the global challenges created by the pandemic is “the Great Reset.” Forgive me for being negative, but having heard promises of great resets expressed in endless promises of “change” at every political election, I can’t help having my doubts about anything man-made resetting the world on any sort of utopian course. 

On the other hand, we could do with a great reset. Conspiracy theories aside about the Great Reset being a corporate takeover of world governance, the world we knew before the pandemic has been turned upside down. It has exposed all kinds of weaknesses in our health and health care, it has weighed down many countries with huge debts and mental health problems from lockdowns, and wrecked small town businesses that are the beating heart of a community. And just when we’re on the ropes along come more depressing reminders that climate change is still a major worry too. 

So, how are we going to get out of this pickle without being exploited by cunning people who live for power and money? And who on earth is left on this planet that we can truly trust for a workable and viable solution too?

Fortunately, we have a God who has a lot of experience in Great Resets. Thanks to our proclivity as humans to make monumentally stupid decisions, plus our constant gullibility to the deceptive power of evil, God’s had a lot of practice through the years at resetting cities and civilizations after disasters and upheavals, starting with Adam and Eve. 

It was those two characters who started the trend of thinking we humans are masters of our own destiny and we can deal with evil on our own, which set the stage for evil to spread like a virus so contagious and unstoppable that it even made God wince at creating humans in the first place (Genesis 6:6-7).  

So he brought that world to an end through a Flood and did a Great Reset through Noah and Abraham. But many more resets would still be required in future years too, at the Tower of Babel, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the creation of the nation of Israel to save the world. But demagogues and tyrants like Jezebel and Nebuchadnezzar took shots at destroying Israel, which needed God’s intervention yet again. 

And eventually Israel became so corrupt that God had them dragged off into humiliating slavery in Assyria and Babylon, and the Jews under Rome. And at that point it seemed like all was lost, when even the ones through whom God had chosen to reset and save the world could not resist the power of evil either.   

But God had one great Ace up his sleeve, that he’d waited until the time of the ruling Herods to play: he sent his Son in person to do the Greatest Reset of all. And it would also be a reset unlike any other seen before, because it would be done through individuals, and for the most part very ordinary people too. There’d be no nations involved, no gathering of filthy rich global influencers needed at an annual World Economic Forum, and not even well meaning politicians pouring heart and soul into making their nations great again.

It would be done through people taking on God’s nature with God’s help. The result would be people you’d love to have in charge of this world, because they’d be living for what Jesus lived for as a human being when filled with God’s nature. And there you have the formidable solution to selfish ambition for power and wealth – and providing immunity to evil too, our greatest enemy of all. 

So for those who think they can come up with a brilliant new idea for resetting the world, they could do with a reminder that Jesus has already been resetting the world for 2,000 years. So maybe it’s worth a look at how he’s been doing it. And it’s not complicated either. It’s laid out very nicely and simply for all to see and read in Acts chapter 3. 

Is there really going to be a Great Reset, then? Well, Jesus did promise it and he has the entire universe and beyond at his disposal to make it happen too. 

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