So, who’s been stirring this pandemic – God or the Devil?  

Plagues, pestilences and pandemics, God’s “done ’em all” through the ages. But with Covid 19 it doesn’t look like God’s fingerprints on the smoking gun, because when he sent plagues on Egypt, for instance, it was “to bring judgment on all their gods” (Exodus 12:12). All the gods the Egyptians worshipped were thoroughly humiliated. 

But that hasn’t happened with Covid. The gods of power and profits in our world have increased instead. Pfizer’s vaccine profits are enormous, governments have discovered new and addictive power being able to lock down entire cities and mandate vaccine passports, and social media has realized how easy it is to influence public opinion and inflame emotions into mass hysteria. And Covid hasn’t turned people to God in droves either, which is what God sent pestilence on the Israelites for (2 Chronicles 7:13-14). 

And if God sent Covid as punishment, then it’s the little people who’ve been hit the worst, not the rich and powerful, and why would God do that? 

So, whose fingerprints are more likely to be found on the smoking gun? Well, it doesn’t require a team of gifted investigative journalists or expert forensic scientists to sort that one out. The fruits of the pandemic have made it obvious, namely fear, deceit and division, the exact same weapons the crafty evil creature used on Adam and Eve, that have repeatedly been used and relied on by tyrants ever since too. 

Fear during Covid, for instance, has been constantly stoked by media, government and medical reports all focusing on the one single narrative of the huge number of Covid cases and deaths, ICUs being overwhelmed, and the horrible consequences awaiting those who aren’t vaccinated. And it’s the kind of fear that paralyzes us into a hermit-like existence, reduces us to shaky, tear-filled neurotics, or drives us into mob irrationality and hysterics.

The deceit during this pandemic, meanwhile, has been a pandemic all its own too. Skewed statistics, outright lies by trusted institutions and leaders, proclamations of vaccine safety turning out to be wrong, censorship and fact-checkers allowing no alternatives to the party line on vaccines, despite entire countries using alternatives to vaccines that on the ground have proved to work just fine. “Who is telling us the truth?” has become a growing cry of despair, as new and disturbing facts come to light about PCR tests, vaccine immunity waning, and vaccination not being a guarantee against Covid infection or being infectious. It’s not surprising, then, to hear the pandemic being called a scamdemic.

The evil creature in the Garden of Eden used scamming too, which turned into pandemic proportions through the ages as cunning individuals learned the art of propaganda to dupe the masses, causing untold millions of unnecessary and horrible deaths.  

And it doesn’t end there either, as we witness the dreadful division this pandemic has caused, in polarizing people into political tribes, splitting up families into vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, in heated protests, ugly, self-righteous  trolls assuming the moral high ground on social media, reputable experts being humiliated and shamed, and the unvaccinated being branded as anti-social psychopaths and hate-filled assassins of the innocent. And not forgetting the rich countries that gobbled up the vaccines without a care for the poor too. 

Fear, deceit and division, all fingerprints of the Evil One, which begs the question, “Why does God allow such evil to continue?” 

Could it be the same reason God allowed the Evil One to cause all those horrible problems for Job? It was to get the point across to Job that evil is real and only God can deal with it (Job 40:7-14). And have we ever experienced that lesson today too, as evil in its manifestations of fear, deceit and division have found no solution in any political platform, or made any difference to those drunk on power and profits.

And God has allowed the Evil One to do this to us, surely to help us weak, suffering humans begin to grasp that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood (or against each other),” Ephesians 6:12. Instead, we’re up against “the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” 

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