Is there really a “silver bullet” that could solve our problems? 

A silver bullet is a magical solution to a complicated problem, like getting everyone vaccinated to make everyone safe, or “net zero emissions” to save the planet, or pumping printed money by the multiple trillions into the global system to stimulate the economy.  

But when it comes to solving all our problems, is there a silver bullet for them too? Oh yes, some say, it’s getting rid of capitalism and giving communism another go. Or stopping all this individual freedoms nonsense and concentrating on collective responsibility. Or putting an end to independence and going back to feudalism. And each view has its ardent supporters too, who become petulant and warlike when their version of utopia is met with resistance. Clearly, then, there’s still a problem holding things up, so what might it be?

Well, according to Scripture it isn’t a new world order or a new (or regurgitated) ideology we need for a magical solution, it’s a new human. Which makes sense when the humanity we’ve got has a real issue with wanting control over others, rather than control over oneself. Imagine, then, a world where people did “nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility considered others better than themselves,” Philippians 2:3

Would that work, though? Well, there’s only one way to find out: try it. Do one’s own clinical trial to prove it. That’s how vaccines are tested for their effectiveness and efficacy. Starting with myself, then, what would not being selfishly ambitious, not being vainly conceited, and viewing others as better than me, do exactly?

Well, I cannot help thinking I’d be a rather nice person, and certainly a benefit to the planet. Because I wouldn’t be exploiting people for my own ends or advantage, I wouldn’t be obsessed with making money or fearful of losing it. It wouldn’t worry me if people were better off than me, or were much brainier than me. I’d be happy with who I am and what I’ve got, and not desperately seeking more in possessions, prestige, and popularity. I could happily be “the little guy,” and happy being a humble servant. And not only would I be happy, I bet other people would be happier because of me too. 

Sounds like a silver bullet to me, because expanded on a global scale think of the impact it would have. Well, one day, happily, we’re going to find out, because according to Revelation 21:4, God is going to get rid of “the old order of things” and replace it with a world that will “wipe every tear from people’s eyes.” All problems solved.    

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