Digital ID – and Psalm 139 

Digital ID is a worldwide electronic data management platform designed to know everything about us. It tracks our medical history, social media posts, bank accounts, credit cards, taxes, voting, shopping history, internet search history, and where we go, live, and work, etc. 

Putting aside concerns about invasion of privacy, fraud, identity theft, abuse of personal data, and governments seeking to control every move and transaction we make – and, of course, whoever administers the digital ID most likely making a right old mess of things (as usual) – I can see the need for a global “knowing” about people for security and ease of interaction. But can anyone be truly trusted with such personal information about us, and can they really know who we truly are and what makes us tick? 

I’m glad, then, that God does, because he surely knows everything there is to know about us that needs to be known, and he certainly isn’t going to abuse it. I can have absolute confidence that he will gear whatever he knows about me for my benefit. Which the writer of Psalm 139 obviously felt too, because in verse 1 he’s thrilled that God knows him. At least someone knows who he truly is and what makes him tick. And it’s not scary to him either. He knows he’s in the hands of a loving, kind and extremely wise data management platform. 

“O Lord,” he cries out, “you have searched me and you know me.” Well, at least someone has the time and ability to do that, because who else do we know who can do it? We can putter through years of marriage and friendships and know bits about each other – but a deliberate, investigative, full-blooded search to know everything? 

And who but God can know every time “I sit down and get up,” verse 2, and what I’m up to when I’m still or moving around, as well? He’s got it all tracked to the last detail. He even knows “my thoughts from afar.” No electronic ID system necessary, no data tracking mechanism, no microchip in my brain to detect what I’m thinking, no spy in the sky or hidden cameras in phone, TV or computer watching my every move, and no sound detectors in flowerpots and light fixtures to hear my every word. But God: well, he knows “all my ways,” verse 3, and even what I’m thinking before I’ve even thunked it, verse 4

It’s quite a system God’s got, the dream, I imagine, of any well meaning globalists seeking to protect us from harm, and help us work together more effectively. But God’s already set it up, and it’s working perfectly, so why not tap into it instead?   

One thought on “Digital ID – and Psalm 139 

  1. What a clever analogy. Although I seriously doubt that the globalists are “well meaning” in tracking our every move. There are too many “horror stories” out there to attest to the contrary. Our streets were safer more than fifty years ago, before the computer age and the digital tracking system became the norm.

    When I was a child I could walk anywhere in the big city without parental supervision and without a care in the world, confident of my safety. We can’t say the same for our children today. These days our kids pretty much need a “body guard” to protect them from those who would “snatch” them for their own ends.

    Thankfully, God has “guardian angels” watching over us day by day. When I was four years old, I was hit head on by a car while running across our residential street. It was a miracle that I even survived, let alone survived unscathed. This could only be by God’s foreknowledge of this event, and the protection of His heavenly “bodyguards” at that precise moment — otherwise I would have been “six feet under” long ago. As God said to Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…..”

    Here is my version of Psalm 139 that I “translated” into poetry format years ago –


    Lord, You have looked deep into my heart;
    You see when I come in, when I depart
    And know when I toil and when I laze.
    From so far away You can read my mind
    And You hear me speak ere I’m so inclined,
    For You are acquainted with all my ways.
    How closely You guard my every side
    That by Your great strength I’m fortified—
    What You understand I can’t even graze.

    Where can I escape out of Your sight?
    You’re there, though I climb to the top most height;
    You’re there, though I fall down the deepest hole.
    Suppose I had wings as the dawning day,
    And fly far out west o’er the ocean spray—
    Even there You guard my wandering soul.
    You’ll find me though I hide in the dark—
    At night as in the day I’m an easy mark;
    For both day and night are in Your control.

    You wove me carefully upon Your loom
    And put me together in my mother’s womb;
    How strangely complex I am surely made!
    You saw my form while I was still concealed
    And knew my days ere they became revealed—
    My life stretched forth like a promenade.
    How numerous are Your thoughts about me,
    That far out-sum the grains of sand by the sea.
    And when I awake, Your concern doesn’t fade!

    Oh, God, once for all do away with sin
    And shield me from the aim of all wicked men,
    Who mock Your name and give rise to strife.
    See how I loathe such heretical conceit
    With a hate irreproachable, unsoiled, complete—
    Your foes and mine are both many and rife!
    Search me, test me, Lord; look deep into my heart.
    Watch me, help me from iniquity depart,
    And guide me on the road to eternal life.


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