Demonic versus Luciferian 

Part 1 – Demonic

The word “demonic” describes unexplainable madness. Witness the maniacal weirdos who want to normalize adults being sexually attracted to children; or even worse, normalizing children being sexually attracted to adults. Or drug companies trying to get babies and toddlers injected with an experimental gene changing drug with known adverse affects, some of which will affect those children for the rest of their lives – that children didn’t even need in the first place too. So whose insane idea was that? 

The Old Testament answers that question for us in Psalm 106:37, “They sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons.” The insane idea of sacrificing one’s child, in mind or body, is directly attributable to demons. Because it’s what demons want. Like the young boy “possessed by a spirit” in Mark 9:17, that robbed the poor child of speech and threw him to the ground, mouth foaming, teeth gnashing, and body rigid (verse 18). A spirit did that, a demon, willingly and insanely destroying a child. 

And who on earth would want to destroy a child? It’s an unexplainable madness. It’s the kind of madness that has a lot of people scratching their heads nowadays as to how wrecking children’s lives has become so acceptable. Witness the maniacal weirdos who, with little research into the long-term impact of puberty blockers on children’s fertility and ability to have children of their own, introduce medical interventions for children wishing to gender transition anyway. In other words, throw the kids in the deep end and see what happens. And if the damage turns out to be irreversible….well, demons wouldn’t care about that, would they?  

But didn’t God have children killed too? Yes, to get the point across that there are terrible consequences on the innocent when stupid adults ignore and reject God. And what more proof of that do we need than madmen today committing their nations to war? Because who suffers most? Thousands and millions of children. 

So is there a reason we can pinpoint for such unexplainable madness? There is in Scripture: it’s because “the whole world is under the control of the evil one,” 1 John 5:19 – “the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient,” Ephesians 2:2

(Part 2 on Luciferian – Thursday, March 9)

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