“You can hide from us, but not from God”  

We’re in a world that hides information if it doesn’t fit the prevailing government narrative, or if it proves what government did was wrong and damaging, or it exposes the real motives of corporations that continue to sell us a bill of goods as “safe and effective,” while understating and even ignoring the multiple millions of people known to be suffering from adverse effects. 

The creativity and ingenuity these “hiders” give to excuses, cover-ups, and lies is formidable. So for someone seeking accurate, up-to-date research and data to enable INFORMED consent, he or she soon discovers it’s a minefield of censorship, accusations of spreading misinformation and hate, being publicly branded as a racist, extremist, terrorist, anti-science activist and conspiracy theorist, or of being a white supremacist Nazi, a threat to the economy, and amazingly even a misogynist.      

You can’t help but be suspicious, therefore, that with all this aggressive vitriol the powers-that-be are trying to hide something. 

But let’s give governments and corporations the benefit of the doubt and assume they have our best interests in mind. They have a problem, however, because what they believe to be in our best interests may not be what we believe or agree to. And that risks protest, panic and even revolution. So I can see why they feel justified in not making their plans too public. 

But they can’t hide what they’re doing forever, because their dream of some sort of global, planet-saving utopia will involve massive change and a lot of people will suffer, as many already are. And that means the hiders have to get even more creative in their cover-ups. 

But give them credit, they are very good at it. History also shows, however, that we’re not that difficult to deceive: I mean, we think celebrities and politicians – and even the media (gasp) – are telling the truth. 

So I accept I can be deceived too – and Jesus did warn us that we could be (Matthew 24:24). But there’s a warning for the hiders too, in Hebrew 4:13, that “there is no creature hidden from God’s sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”      

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