Living in a world of fairy tales  

For many people the Bible is just a bunch of fairy tales cobbled together to give magical credence to a nonexistent being. 

But how many of those same people celebrate Christmas, which contains its own collection of fairy tales cobbled together to give magical credence to a nonexistent Santa Claus and flying reindeer? 

But Christianity has its share of fairy tales too, like Peter at the Pearly Gates ticking off his list of good guys and welcoming them to heaven. And what’s heaven like? More fairy tales about a place where the streets are paved with gold and we swish around on fluffy clouds strumming harps and singing. 

But I’ve done my share of dabbling in fairy tales too. When my daughter was young and we’d travel in the car for hours together, I’d dream up stories about animals and princesses with all sorts of moral platitudes and dreamy scenes that would’ve had Walt Disney taking serious notes if he’d been with us. 

But that’s the real world we live in too, where real princes and princesses “made for each other” marry in fairy tale surroundings, and thousands of people line the streets, cheering, waving and crying as the magical carriage with its prancing horses swoop by. It’s pure theatre on a grand scale, but it’s the stuff of fairy tales and we never seem to tire of it. 

And if someone can spin a good tale, with promises of sunny days and making their country great again, it brings in the adoring crowds too. It’s all myth, of course, because no politician yet has created the fairy tale of our dreams. And the commercials at Christmas time? Brilliantly done, with their warm and fuzzy scenes of family, syrupy platitudes, sentimental oozy music, and happy faces all round. None of it is true to life; it’s just cunningly crafted theatre to sell stuff, but do a fairy tale well and it is irresistible.     

And now we have the latest crop of utopian globalists selling their agenda with fairy tales, seeing ourselves all tucked up safe and secure and not a worry in the world if they own everything and we don’t. It’s just another fluffy world of human imagination playing on our hopes and fears, that like all utopian fantasies fizzle out and fade into obscurity, just like fairy tale princes and princesses grow old, get arthritis and warts, and don’t get a mention in the media anymore.  

So is there anything in this world that isn’t based on fairy tales? Well, how about a book with a chap who says, “To all of you who’ve had your fairy tales shattered and have seen through the myths, come to me, and you will find rest for your souls”? And he meant it as something he can do in real life too, not in our dreams.  

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