Trust no human  

Why would “the Lord say, ‘Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans’” in Jeremiah 17:5?

“Cursed”? That’s a bit tough, isn’t it? But in context the Hebrew word means causing anger, rage or indignation. Humiliation too. All of which a person feels when let down by someone who does not come through as promised.  

It made me wonder why any of us make promises at all, because there’s always that danger that we cannot fulfill them. We say we’ll meet someone “on the dot” at 6:00 pm; a fixed and certain promise. But on the way to the meeting we slip on a banana peel, crash head first into a fire hydrant, roll into the road unconscious, and get run over by a motorbike. Leaving the poor chap waiting for us fuming – because in his mind we didn’t stick to what we promised. 

And wedding vows. Why do we make them? A list of “I promises” the couple make to each other, when there’s no guarantee that either of them can, or will forever, fulfill them. All sorts of things crop up, as nearly half the married couples who split up discover. But they “vowed,” didn’t they – believing at the time that each of them could be fully trusted to do their bit.  

Because we put so much weight on trust. And easily fall for, or commit to, someone who seems trustworthy. The pandemic was a classic case in point, because as scary stories emerged early on, it was jolly comforting to hear from politicians, doctors, and drug companies that they had a cure that was totally “safe and effective.” And I, like millions of others, trusted them, that what they said was true. 

There are now a lot of “cursed” people – indignant, furious and enraged – as facts are coming to light about the cure and the motives behind those pushing it, that tell of deliberate hiding of the dangers, and by people we trusted with our lives too. No wonder so many people are saying they will never trust doctors, drugs, mainstream media, or politicians again. 

Which is tragic, because who’s left to trust in instead? 

On the other hand, maybe it’s good, because “Jesus didn’t entrust his life to people – because he knew them inside and out, and how untrustworthy they were,” John 2:24-25

So if our Creator viewed people with a large pinch of salt….    

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