Did Jesus really come back from the dead? 

Part 6 – Proof scientifically 

Even if Jesus did survive the flogging and the crucifixion, and he was put in the tomb while still alive, how could he – in his massively weakened condition – have loosened himself from the tightly bound linen he was wrapped in, weighed down by 70 pounds of spices, and then on his own strength move the huge stone from the entrance and overpower at least two armed Roman guards on sentry duty outside?

And who would have followed such a man in his mangled condition too? Jesus was a physical wreck, covered in blood and gaping wounds. The last thing people would think of doing when looking at Jesus’ tattered body was to make him their leader. They’d more likely be thinking, “Get that poor man to a hospital.”

But maybe, as some claim, those five hundred eye witnesses who saw Jesus alive after his crucifixion were hallucinating, and they only thought they saw him alive. Do they have a point, though? Because when the disciples first saw Jesus after his resurrection they thought he was a ghost, and maybe they were hallucinating too. But Jesus immediately corrected that by asking for something to eat (Luke 24:36-43). Ghosts don’t eat. And that’s what convinced them it really was Jesus standing before them in a healed human body. And who would be willing to die for a hallucination, too?

Historically, culturally and logically the evidence supporting Jesus’ resurrection is undeniable. But for some people that’s still not enough. They want SCIENTIFIC proof. Which is a bit difficult because how can the scientific method of observation, experimentation and testing be applied to a one time event that cannot be repeated? Like the “Big Bang.” No one was there at the time to see that either, nor can it be repeated. So how do scientists conclude that it happened?  

Because the scientific method allows for a “best explanation.” If you can’t get all the facts you’re left with: “What is the best explanation for the information gathered so far?” And the information gathered so far makes the Big Bang highly convincing. And with the information gathered so far for the resurrection of Jesus, what better explanation is there for how Christianity began and evolved into the largest religion on Earth today, other than Jesus being resurrected? But for some that’s still not enough – because…(continues tomorrow)

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