Did Jesus really come back from the dead? 

Part 7 – Proof personally

There are many people today, and especially young people, who reject the historical, cultural, logical, and even the scientific evidence of Jesus’ resurrection. And for an understandable reason too, because they hear Christians saying that everything changed when Jesus ascended to heaven after his resurrection, that a new creation began on this planet with Jesus in charge, and he’s now restoring – and even RE-creating – humans to what God originally created us to be. 

“But where is the proof of it?” they ask, when there’s still so much suffering, war, disease, poverty, corruption and mental illness in the world, and religion hasn’t made people act any better either?

Good point. And look at the state of the Christian Church too, riddled with pedophiles, practicing homosexuals, bishops voting to celebrate same-sex marriage and gender fluidity, the fearsome threats of Hell for unsaved souls, and the weirdness of floating in disembodied souls in Heaven for eternity too. Throw in the Crusades for good measure, and all the other killings done by Christians in God’s name – like the vicious battles between Catholics and Protestants – and no wonder we’re living in a post-Christian, anti-Christian “want nothing to do with God” world.

And look at the state of individual Christians as well, suffering all the same problems of sickness, accidents, depression, anger, broken marriages and financial worries as everyone else. So where are all these wonderful changes that prove Jesus was resurrected and is now in charge of the whole world putting things to rights? If they’re not visible in the world, or in a sorely divided and messed up Christian church, or in the visible lives of Christians, where do we look for proof instead?

And isn’t that the next challenge we face as Christians? If no obvious changes have happened to us PERSONALLY for believing Jesus was resurrected, surely it renders all that historical, cultural, logical and scientific proof obsolete, doesn’t it? I mean, why bother with Jesus’ resurrection at all if it doesn’t make any noticeable and wonderful difference in a person’s life? 

So, what differences in us personally did Jesus say would happen?.…(continues tomorrow) 

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